When To Call Emergency Plumbing Services

When you have a plumbing issue, you should contact a professional plumber immediately to avoid progress damage. So, what happens when your plumbing issue occurs after hours? Since calling an emergency plumber can cost more money, many homeowners wonder if their plumbing issue can wait.


Understanding when a plumbing issue is an emergency and when you can wait to call a plumber is crucial. If you have an honest and reliable plumber, most will be willing to tell you whether a plumbing issue is an emergency or not. Still, you should know for yourself when to call immediately for repairs. Let’s discuss when to call an emergency plumber for help.


Signs You Need an Emergency Plumber


Here are some signs that easily identify it’s time to call a local plumber for emergency repairs.


1.   Risk of Flooding


Plumbing emergencies that result in flooding typically require immediate repairs. Examples include a damaged sump pump, burst pipe, sewer backups, or a faulty shut-off valve. Your plumbing issue should be handled immediately whenever there is a potential for water damage or significant structural damage.


2.   No Water


Most people don’t stop and think about how often they rely on their plumbing until they have no water. No water will prevent you from using the restrooms, cooking, and cleaning. This can also be a safety hazard, especially for business owners. If you have no water, you should call your local plumber immediately for assistance.


3.   Burst Pipes


Flooding and lack of water are two of the issues that might arise from frozen or burst pipes. In addition to preventing water from flowing through a frozen pipe, the expansion of the water pipe in cold environmental conditions could cause the pipe to split or burst open. Once the water in the pipe melts, flooding may occur.


In such situations, you should know how to operate the shut-off valves and when to use them.  If you don’t already know, ask your plumber to show you during a preventative maintenance visit. Still, you should always call your plumber for immediate repairs if you suspect you have a burst pipe.


4.   Ceiling Leaks


Pipe leaks that are located in the ceiling can be a significant cause for concern. When water builds up, you might notice the ceiling sagging. Ignoring these issues can lead to a total collapse of your ceiling. If you don’t call an emergency plumbing service, these issues will only become worse.


5.   Clogged Pipes


Every household will eventually deal with clogged pipes at some point in their life. While many clogs can be quickly resolved on your own, some require emergency repairs. If you notice your drains backing up, you might have a clog deep in your plumbing pipes. Call your local plumber to schedule an appointment for repairs.


6.   Sewer Backup


You will undoubtedly notice an odor in your home if the sewer line starts to back up. Sewer backups aren’t just a nuisance. They could be a significant health risk. If you have a sewer backup, call your local plumber immediately for repairs.


7.   Overflowing Toilets


Blocked pipes or a faulty float mechanism can cause your toilet to overflow. While you can temporarily shut off the water supply to fix this problem, you’ll require an emergency plumber in some cases.


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