How to Remove Calcium Buildup from Your Faucets?

If your faucets have a cloudy look to them, have you ever wondered why? Most likely, it is because they’ve been stained by hard water coming from your tap. Hard water deposits minerals and metals that can create residue around your appliances over time. While this is typically harmless to your faucets, it can create an eyesore. Additionally, over time it can cause damage to your appliances.


Calcium buildups are also called limescale which comes from hard water carrying a lot of dissolved calcium salts (calcium carbonate or calcium bicarbonate). Being a homeowner, there is a chance you can deal with the effects of calcium buildup at some point. Everyone should be aware of how to tackle this situation and remove those dirty calcium buildups from their faucets. Let’s discuss!


What’s Required to Remove Calcium Buildups from Your Faucets?


Removing calcium buildup from your faucets is not technical, nor does it require any special products. You can simply do it at your home using everyday cleaners and supplies. Before you start the process of removing the buildup, you’ll need to gather supplies. This includes:


  • Gloves (PVC or neoprene gloves)
  • Protective eyewear
  • Sponge/toothbrush (use non-abrasive scrubbers/sponges)
  • Plastic bag
  • Rubber band
  • Towel/rag


Here are some ways to remove calcium buildup from your faucets:


Chemical Cleaners


Chemical cleaners can be used to remove calcium buildup from your faucets. All you need to do is wipe down the affected faucet with a wet cloth and an all-purpose cleaner or dish detergent. Scrub under and in the back of the fixture, and everywhere else, stains exist. Rinse the sink afterward and wipe away any remaining residue. You can also use sulfuric acid or muriatic acid if you have difficulty removing the stains. These acids are strong and can easily remove the deposits, but you’ll need to be careful using these products.




Calcium buildup can also be removed with a lemon wedge. You simply need to wipe the lemon wedge on the faucet. The citric acid will help dissolve all the calcium minerals causing a stain on your faucet. You will see the results after you rinse the sink out and dry the faucet.




Vinegar is one of the best items used to remove calcium buildup from your faucets. Just wrap a bag or a cloth-covered in vinegar around your faucet and let it sit for a few hours. Wipe down the surface after some time. You can combine vinegar and baking soda to make a paste for scrubbing calcium deposits as well.


Remove the Aerator


When it comes to removing calcium buildup from your faucets, you’ll also want to clean directly inside the faucet. The aerator is the small filter on the edge of your faucet with the screen. Carefully unscrew this piece and use a toothbrush or other small brush to scrub away calcium buildup from the filter. Also, you can soak it in a bowl of vinegar for an hour and dry it before screwing it back on.


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