How to Prepare For Your Upcoming Eye Doctor Appointment

When at any sort of doctor’s appointment, it is important to prepare yourself for what you are about to go through. This could be at any old health exam, the dentist, or even the ophthalmologist. These appointments are also the perfect time to get any clarifications on the respective field that the doctor works in. When getting an eye exam done, it is very important you know and understand everything that is happening and get everything clarified for the future since your eyes and sight are a very important part of your lives. But it is also extremely important to prepare yourself for what you are going to do at the appointment as well as know what to bring.



Here are some of the important aspects to remember when you are preparing for your upcoming eye doctor appointment.



What to Bring to Your Appointment


It is important to bring anything that has some sort of prescription for your eyes that you use regularly. Whether that is sunglasses, glasses, or contacts, bring it all. It is also important to have a list either on paper or on your phone of all medications, prescription and non prescription, to make sure that none of those medications are affecting your eyesight. Also bring and provide your current name and address of your current residence as well as your current insurance information. It is also important to maybe bring someone with you who is able to drive just in case your eyes need to be dilated. Also bring a list of any questions you want to ask your doctor if you want to know anything or have any concerns.



What are Some Good Things to Ask your Doctor


Some good questions to ask your doctor are:

Has anything changed with my eyes since my last visit?

How can I improve my current vision?

Where should I wear my glasses and how long should I wear them


How do I protect my eyes day to day as well as when I am being


Do I need to do anything differently to protect my eyes more?

Can and when should I schedule my next appointment?



What to Think About Before the Appointment


It is important to keep track of any weird blurry vision, light flashes, or anything else weird with your vision before your appointment so you can let your doctor know of these issues. Keeping track of if you are able to differentiate most or all colors is also important to help you know whether or not you need to know if you are in fact color blind. A great question to ask yourself as well is “is my vision affecting me in a way that does not let me do certain activities?” It is also important to think of and keep track of any health issues, sickness, or injuries that could affect your eyesight that you think your doctor should know about.



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