How To Move Oversized Items

As easy and exciting as moving sounds, most people get stuck when you get to packing oversized items. Between finding the right packing materials, having the right equipment, and being able to maneuver, moving bulky items can be a challenge. Of course, you don’t want to damage anything during your move, but you also want to make sure you don’t get hurt. Let’s explore some great tips to help you pack oversized items effectively during your move.


How to Move Oversized Items


Whether you are doing it yourself or relying on the help of friends, moving heavy items is never simple. Here are some great tips you should use to help make the process easy.


1.   Furniture Straps


Also known as shoulder dollies, furniture straps loop over your shoulders to shift the weight of heavy items away from smaller muscle groups. They allow you to leverage the weight of the heavier items to your back and legs to make them easier to move. This doesn’t just help make it possible to move heavier items. Still, it enables you to avoid injury in the process.


2.   Dollies or Hand Trucks


Hand trucks and dollies are small square surfaces with four wheels that make it easy to transport heavy or bulky items from one place to another. Hand trucks have two wheels and stand straight. Once your items are loaded, you shift the weight back and wheel them to where they need to go. They’re effective for things like bookcases, dressers, and stacks of boxes. Dollies are square pieces of wood that sit on four wheels. They can be slid under heavy items to move them quickly.


3.   Mattress Sling


Mattress slings are expensive tools, but they are a great option if you need to move a mattress. They allow you to easily carry your mattress without having to worry about the distribution of weight and the bulkiness of these items.


4.   Sliders


If you have large pieces of furniture in carpeted rooms, sliders can be a great tool. They make it easy to shuffle these large items from one point to another without picking them up. They are also incredibly inexpensive. You simply place these plastic tools under each corner of your furniture and quickly move them across the floor.


5.   Hire a Reliable Moving Company


If you don’t have the right tools to move oversized items, hiring a reliable moving company is best. Trying to move these more oversized items on your own doesn’t just run the risk of breaking your belongings. You can get seriously injured if you don’t have what you need to move your oversized items effectively. Ask your friends and family for a recommendation or do an online search to find a good moving company. With the right moving company, you can take the stress out of moving and make sure you get everything where it needs to go quickly and effectively.


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