How to Detect and Prevent Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Tree root intrusion is a common cause of sewer line damage for residential and commercial property owners. Do you know why tree roots love sewer lines? It’s because a leaking sewer line is an ideal source of oxygen, water, and other nutrients.


Once the trees invade and grow inside the sewer line, they will block the whole pipe and restrict the flow of waste, causing damaged pipes and significant blockages. Since repairs and pipe replacements can be incredibly expensive, the best way to handle sewer line issues is to take preventative measures to avoid tree root invasions.


Let’s discuss everything you need to know about how to detect and repair tree roots in your sewer lines.


How to Detect and Repair Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line


If your home plumbing is frequently slowed down or backs up, this is a common sign that tree roots have invaded your sewer line, potentially causing excessive damage. The best way to handle these issues is to detect the problem immediately and address it quickly.


Remove the Roots by Hand


If tree roots are easily visible, you can effectively cut through the tree roots to direct them away from your sewer lines. Generally, professionals use a mechanical drill or saw to chop up tree roots. Getting rid of these will help you keep your sewer lines safe and working effectively.


Use a Chemical Procedure to Remove the Roots


You can also use different chemical procedures to kill the roots. While this is a more complicated process, you can easily hire a professional to handle the situation.


Use a Camera Inspection to Verify the Problem


If you aren’t sure where the problem is, you can check your pipes with a camera inspection service. Since it’s often difficult to find the source of the problem because your sewer pipes are underground, you can use advanced video cameras to examine the sewer line and identify the pipe damage accurately. Get professional help to get the best results.


How To Prevent Tree Roots from Growing Near Pipes


Since prevention is crucial to avoiding significant plumbing issues, it’s always best to stop the problem from happening rather than reacting to a blocked line. You can take several preventative measures to ensure that the sewer lines will not accumulate any tree roots. Here are some things to consider:


Chemical Sewer Line Protection


There are multiple kinds of chemical barriers that will help discourage tree root growth in your sewer lines. Potassium hydroxide and copper sulfate chemicals are beneficial to use In residential homes. Adding growth inhibitors over your sewer line is an effective way to prevent growth in this critical area.


Physical Sewer Line Protection


You can also use physical barriers to restrict tree roots from entering your sewer pipes. Place physical protection within a six-foot area of your sewer pipes to effectively prevent an issue.


Sewer Safe Landscaping


Another option to consider is creating a landscape plan that prevents tree root intrusion. This is a reliable prevention measure if you have an open property or have just purchased land. Talk to your plumber about choosing an area without trees. You can also talk to your landscape professional to create a plan that keeps large trees far away from your sewer lines.


Contact a Reliable Local Plumber to Discuss Your Sewer Line Needs


If you are worried about sewer line issues, you’ll need to talk to a professional Plumber In La Habra to ensure your pipes are safe. Contact your local Los Angeles sewer line repair company to discuss your needs.



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