Hints for Window Installation

Window installation is more complex than one might think. There are many things to know before installing new windows. The best solution is to consult with a professional for the best window solution and installation. Here are some things to consider on your next window project.

The first thing is are the windows being installed in new construction, or are they retro fit? New construction windows are nailed into a rough opening. This type of window has more glass area as the window frame is built into the wall. New construction window takes longer to install than a retro fit. A retro fit, or remodel window is faster and easier to install than a new one. This is because the window fits into the existing window opening.

It is important to get accurate measurements for your window opening. Having correct measurements will prevent you from having to adjust the frame or add filler later. Measure the frame width going all the way to the outer edge of the stop moulding. It is a good idea to get three measurement per side of the window. Along each outer edge and in the middle. Do the same to measure the frame height. If this is a retro fit window you will want the window ¾ inches smaller than the measured opening so you don’t have to rework any of the framing.

If you are installing retro fit windows, you will have to remove the old windows once the new ones arrive. It is best to have two to three people available for the removal and installation of the windows. If working on a second story, consider renting a scaffolding. Start by cutting through any paint or caulking surrounding the window, the remove the existing stop moulding. Remove any remaining fasteners holding the window in place. Carefully remove the window. Go slowly as the window may come out in more than one piece. Once the window is removed, clean the opening by removing any fasteners and caulking.

With opening prepped, dry fit the new window in the opening. Make sure the window is centered, and use shims to hold the window in place. Once the window is fit properly, remove it from the opening. Place caulking around the inside of the window opening. Place the window into the opening, and press into the caulking. Add shims as needed, and place screw in to hold the window. Trim the shims so they are flush with the edge of the wall.  Fill any gaps in with insulation. Once the caulking has dried, you can paint your window sill and you are done!

For new construction windows consult with your general contractor about your windows to have them properly installed. A professional window and door company can provide and install either your new windows, or retro-fit windows. Looking for new windows in Riverside, CA? Contact a professional business. They will be able to offer you style and material options. A professional will also be able to advise you if any repairs are needed.

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