Fun Games to Play on Your Next Charter Bus Road Trip

What is a good charter bus road trip without some fun games? Fun games are an essential entertainment ingredient to the recipe for a perfect family vacation. Not only will it keep the kids from getting bored, but it will also keep them from asking you when you’ll arrive at your destination.


While you can get some great travel-ready games online, there are also some games you can play on a whim if the kids need to calm down. Let’s take a look at some fun games you should try on your next road trip!


5 Fun Family Games to Play on Your Next Road Trip


Are you getting ready to hop on the bus on the road for a family adventure? Although most kids are consumed by today’s digital technology, there are still some non-technology-driven games that are lots of fun!  Don’t forget to keep these fun games tucked away in your memory if you need to combat boredom or distract those antsy children!


1.   The Alphabet Game


The first game on the list is the Alphabet Game. It doesn’t require any board or game pieces, making it ideal for your next road trip. The first player starts with the letter A and finds something on the road coinciding with the letter. You’ll take turns continuing through the alphabet, identifying things like restaurants, road signs, license plates, and more! It’s up to you whether you play separately or cooperatively with everyone to complete the entire alphabet.


2.   I Spy


Most people have heard of the game I Spy. If not, it’s a must-play. One person selects an item on the road, in the bus, on a person, or in passing. They’ll keep it in their mind without telling anyone and give a simple hint by pronouncing, “I spy with my little eye, something…” Passengers will take turns guessing. It’s not a complicated game, but it’s a great way to keep your kids’ minds sharp. If no one can guess your object, you can start by giving additional hints until they finally guess what you were thinking. Whoever guesses correctly goes next!


3.   20 Questions


If you are sitting back, relaxing on your bus on your way to your destination, 20 questions is a lot of fun! It’s also a great guessing game for kids! You’ll think of a person, place, or thing and keep it hidden in your mind. Opposing players will start by asking you yes or no questions about who, what, or where you’re thinking of. Players who get a yes response to their question will continue to take a turn until they get a no. The person who guesses what you’re thinking first will be the next to take a turn!


4.   Triple Threat


Another fun and enjoyable game to play on a car ride is the triple threat. The adults will choose a few nouns, and the kids will have a chance to tell a story using all the nouns. The kid with the most creative story wins. It’s also a great way to improve creative thinking in children.


5.   In My Suitcase


Finally, another game for your next road trip is In My Suitcase. The game starts with “In my suitcase, I have…” The first person will pick an item that begins with the letter A. The following person will repeat the sentence, including the object of the person before them, and choose an object with the next letter of the alphabet. The game will continue until someone forgets one of the words. It’s a great critical thinking and memory game and fun for all ages!


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