Easy Kids Party Decorating Tips

Throwing a kids birthday party can leave you with a lot of options when it comes to decorating. Whether you are going with innovative, classic, or a certain theme to keep the birthday boy or girl excited for their party, decorating doesn’t have to be strictly one way or the other. It certainly doesn’t have to be a difficult job or time-consuming either. Read on to learn more about easy party decorating tips to keep your kiddo (and their guests) amazed and excited during their birthday party!


          Cookie Cutter Birthday Candles

DIYing birthday candles for your little one’s party is already an impressive job, but using their favorite cookie cutter to make a whimsical and fun candle can add a touch of uniqueness and fun! Your birthday candle pictures will look amazing when all eyes are on the birthday star and their ultra fun candle!


          Ice Cream Cone Hanging Pieces

With party hats and honeycomb decorations, you can make the perfect ice cream decorations to hang along the walls or ceiling of your party. Drape these hanging pieces right above the dessert table so guests know where to turn for a sweet treat!


          Confetti in Clear Balloons

For a fun pop of color in your decor, add a bit of confetti to clear balloons! You can set the balloons up throughout your party space for a colorful decor option that takes under a minute to create!


          Cupcake Liner Garland

Go for a touch of bakery whimsy by creating your own cupcake liner garland. The cupcake liners don’t even have to match, you can go for various patterns, colors, and prints for a fun pop throughout. String various cupcake liners on a string and hang it right above the birthday cake, or make multiple garlands to hang throughout the party space for guests to admire!


          Use Tablecloths Guests Can Decorate!

Use paper tablecloths and have your party guests draw and leave little squiggles and birthday message for the birthday star! Just leave a few washable markers out with a drawing or two so guests get the memo, and watch the fun start. You can even keep a tablecloth piece or two as a fun memento!


          Paint the Bottoms of Plastic Cutlery

A pretty simple way to add a pop of color to plain white cutlery, just dip plastic forks, spoons, and knives into non-toxic paint with the hue of your choosing. This quick decor will pop out in pictures of the treat tables!


Planning a kids’ birthday party is a lot of fun, but you may be caught up in decor and want to try new hacks or tips! The tips mentioned above should add amazing pops of color and whimsy to your kiddo’s birthday party so they can remember this event for years to come. If you are in need of tent rentals in Culver City for that special day, Town & Country Event Rentals has your back! The best part is these decor tips work anywhere, tent or house included!


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