Bad Driving Habits That Are Hurting Your Car!

We’ve all been guilty of bad habits. Did you know there are some bad habits that can actually affect your car? If you want to keep your car in the best working condition for a long while, it’s best you cut a few of these bad driving habits:


1.  Driving Into Potholes

Driving into potholes can actually cause a lot of damage to your tires, and even your exhaust pipes if your car is smaller or lower to the ground! If you have never paid attention to the tip ‘don’t drive over potholes’ you may want to start doing so now, for the sake of your car and tires!

2.  Not Stopping Before Shifting Gears

We’ve all been guilty of this. Sometimes we’re backing out of our driveways, late for work/school, and we quickly shift between reverse to drive without braking. Changing shifts like this without stopping the vehicle can actually be damaging to your transmission system. A transmission system relies on breaks to shift smoothly between gears.

3.  Don’t Ignore Dashboard Warning Lights

It’s simple to just ignore the little lights on your dashboard, but you shouldn’t! Be sure to pay close attention to light, battery, coolant, airbag, oil warning, and most importantly, the check engine lights. These warning lights are signals that your car is in need of some service or help.

4.  Having Too Much Weight In Your Vehicle

We’re not talking about passengers, either. If you carry too much stuff in your trunk, back passenger seats, and more, you are actually hurting your vehicle in the long-run. This is because the extra weight puts stress on your suspension, drivetrain, and brake parts. If you’re carrying a lot of stuff that you don’t need to be, it’s better to get them taken out!

5.  Driving With A Nearly Empty Tank Of Gas

One of the worst habits that can impact your car is driving with a nearly empty or empty tank of gas. When your gas tank is nearly empty, your car may be forced to use some of the gas near the bottom of the tank, which is full of sediments and dirty. When this gas goes through your fuel filter, some may end up slipping into your engine, which can cause devastating damage! You should keep your gas tank at least half full while on the road to avoid any problems!

Visit A Yucaipa Auto Repair Shop For Repairs and Maintenance!

We all have bad driving habits, and the worst part is that we don’t even realize they’re bad until the damage is done. However, it is never too late to cut back on bad habits that can ensure our cars stay in excellent working condition! If you are looking for a Yucaipa auto repair shop for your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs, import Automotive is the trustworthy business you can rely on. When your car is happy, you’re happy, and the journey on the road is so much smoother for everyone!

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